Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Dearest!

We celebrated Ron's Birthday at our house with a few friends...just food and good conversation!
We had some tasty pizzas (chicken/taco bbq and proscuito/feta), stuffed b.l.t. tomatoes, strawberry walnut salad, homemade limeaide and angel food cake ....there were fantastic cards to read and gifts to open, a little cutie to make us all smile, candelight for our lightless-living-room, beachy tunes, crayons and paper tablecloth to sketch on... and my very own amazing  young chap, in a sparkly green birthday crown (with no evidence of that to be found!).

It was so much fun to entertain (for once!) and try some new recipes, and everything worked out well! I love our friends, you all made it a great evening in and a perfect way to celebrate a birthday!

Ron, you make me so happy and you deserve soooo much happiness. I hope this year is your favorite one yet!

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Terrylynne said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Ron - what a lucky guy to have such a talented girlfriend to put on an amazing little party! Looks like good food, good friends and good times!