Friday, July 3, 2009

Makin' something!

So, I will be making SOMETHING for the following people:
  • Laura and/or Leif ... if you guys can both make things for 5 people on your blog, so a total of 10, then you can each get something from me - come on, you can do it!!!
  • Susie ... because I'm cheap re the shipping I must think of something extra spicy but also flat. Like me! :P But my mom made me, so that wouldn't work... I'll think of somethin!
  • Molly ... yes I can send you something but please please please start a blog!
  • Zoe ... can I get on your list too!?

I'm excited about this and I have next week mostly off, which means YAY!

email me your address to

and there is still room for 1 more willing candidate IF Leif and/or Laura drop out! :P (I can totally see Leif making something cool like old airplane parts glued together to look like cars and tractors....hey!? challenge your wife. I dare you.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I want to play. I will post this contest on my blog today. Please enter me in your give away for something that you make. Also, please visit my blog. I am 8 and have my own sewing blog, . Thank you.