Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Boys House

We had a nice evening there last night, a barbeque and then just watching them groove. I had fun playing with my camera...Dont these just give such a vibe of being at "The Boy's" house??
Guitars Galore
This guy is an excellent guitar player. He recorded an album and he writes songs that are quite impressive. And he was very good at being photographed with no complaining!
The others, well, they just didn't know they were being photographed...
I'm outta here today, have a good week/weekend everyone!

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terrylynne said...

Hey Ayla Mae - I love your Blog and you are a great photographer!! I just want to make one "observation" on your page - did you know it says "Ayla Everday" - is missing the first y intentional? Keep them coming.....your mumma.