Saturday, July 11, 2009

Let me take you on a rundown of my day.

1. Aaah! I haven't been home all week and I have laundry to do, Salmon Arm to get ready for and a zillion other things...
2. Laundry
2a. email email email
2b. blog read
3. try to plan outfits for S.A.
4. get distracted looking in sewing/fabric bin
4a. blog read
4b. do what I read on angry chicken (cut a shirt into a cardigan)
5. try to pack
6. get distracted looking in sewing/fabric bin
7. sew a project I've been promising boy for about a year
7a. text laura
7b. text britta
7c. repeat 7a and 7b and interchange with a bunch of numbers here and repeat x lots
8. sew a piece of a skirt onto another skirt and enjoy the looks of it
9. put on new skirt
10. - oh! laundry
11. rip beads off a dress that looked bad (iffy. icky. distasteful. just can't put the right word to it.) with beads on it
12. dig deeper in fabric bin
13. find tonnes of old jeans
14. make skirt out of old jeans
... 4 hours later...
(that is also my cut-shirt-cardigan I "made" today and I really like it because it's SO light! although the sleeves could've been longer by about an inch)
and if you were wondering if my room is a mess the answer would be...yes
Now if I had any food in my house I would make some supper. But I don't. So I will finish the laundry.
And maybe tidy up a bit. it would be nice to go to bed tonight.
And public apology: Sorry I was making stuff for me, I will work on all your creative things next! I have completed 1 thing though, so there!


Leif and Laura said...

Wow! Nice room girl! Haha. I love your outfit! Maybe at S.A. you can teach me how to make the cardigan and the skirt! Pretty please??

Ayla said...

Sure! I can't promise it'll be the best way of doing things or that there aren't any mistakes... remember- I.Am.Not.A.Perfectionist!

haha goodnight, have a good Sunday tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Haha! This made me laugh. Errmm how did the room clean up go?
PS. Feel free to pass on some actually COMPLETE a sewing project juice on. I get frustrated and give up on half finished things.
Have fun at SA!