Friday, October 3, 2008

...let's talk about the weather

So it's been a while since my last post. It's now really 'winter'. I think it was yesterday or the day before when people just started to say 'yep this is it.. no more summer'. We've been lucky to have sun up until this week though! But I am, again, feeling the lack of energy and uselessness I experienced at this time last year in Vancouver. Its bad. Because I have a lot to be doing - I was so busy at work all week I didn't get time to do any homework really and I have an assignment due on Tuesday. So I really have to put my nails to the grindstone tomorrow. And hopefully tonight too. Its so hard to feel inspired or ambitious but it's got to be done! Anyways, seasons changing is always kind of exciting too. Starting to see leaves go shades of red and feel the cool breeze is a somewhat welcome change - hello scarves, mits and hats!
Nothing more to report really. Looking forward to next weekend because it's a long weekend that includes Turkey! I thought of going home for it, but its just such a long drive it would only give us 1 day there and that would be spent recovering from the drive... and eating and sleeping... I just think I would probably come back less rested than when I left. And I'm not willing to take any time off work, so it will have to wait until later - maybe when I'm done school, in December. Then I'd also have time to spend time with Laura and we could try on dresses and that as well. Need More Time!
Oh well, I have most of December off of school so I can catch up on 'stuff' then.
Lets just get through the torture of the weather, the business and the tiresome days of October and November first!
Happy 49th Birthday to my amazing Mom today too!

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