Tuesday, October 14, 2008

All that goes with Thanksgiving weekend....

Dear Colour & Lighting teacher,
This would save you a lot of marking time:

my score: 8 (eyes said ouch)

So it seems I've had an inspiring weekend, one in which I, once again, realise the changes I need to make, the things I need to treasure and the to-do list that is still wanting attention.
Things I did this weekend:
1. sulked with ice cream (Haagen-Dazs' new half the fat vanilla - not even half bad!) and pie and a movie (The Talented Mr.Ripley - so enjoyed it) all alone in the big dark house!
2. slept in
3. intended to clean my room
4. went to boy's house; chilled/cuddled/watched 2 1/2 men/napped/cooked supper (which was pretty good italian style sausage&chicken&peppers concoction with mashed potatoes and NY style crumble cake for dessert) oh and then made him get me an americano while I cleaned up. Then we watched about Schmidt.. well almost. We failed at that because it was boring and watched 'The Man who Knew Too Little' which was quite awesom. Then went home (too late for a Saturday night but I was giddy on coffee!).
5. meeting Sunday morning @ the Wood's was great. We had lots of extras so it was really special; afterward the elder's wife said hi to Susie and I and added that 'you girls add a lot to our meeting and I really appreciate it, I don't tell you enough.' It was very cute and definetly made my week. :) Its good to hear some simple encouraging words that even if I sometimes feel blah, someone is noticing something they like.
6. Lunch - plan was to go to boy's and then drive down to Bellingham to shop/hang out for the day. But the past-criminal-horrid-bad-boy (I exagerate - a lot) wasn't able to cross the line
this time which just means he actually needs to do the paperwork for a pardon he's been talking about for a while now.
7..... 1.5 hrs in line up at border and 2 hrs waiting at immigration...then drove back to Langley
8. Starving boy and starving me get to Coza for supper (staarving by this time) which was LOVELy. Had salmon with lemon and olives and such on it. Yummmm
9. Starbucks to take home to watch more movies :P.... why do we watch so many ?!
10. Time to stay home and FINALLY get the room cleaned and some laundry done. Its a good thing I have so many clothes cause that was a LOT of laundry. Still going at it actually. And my room is moderately clean; more organization needed though.
11. Thanksgiving dinner at Calverley's - Sonya and Andrew were wedding planning with Lynda all day so got to look at lots of books and magazines before/after dinner. Turkey was GREAT!

Now, at work, doing nothing all day but loving it. :P
I need to do more research on Rococo style ...
But instead, I played this fun game:
First, you answer these twelve questions. My answers are in parentheses.

01. What is your first name? (Ayla)
02. What is your favorite food? (Gelato)
03. What high school did you attend? (Bowness High School)
04. What is your favorite color? (tangerine)
05. Who is your celebr
ity crush? (matthew mcconaughey )
06. Favorite drink? (Café Americano)
07. Dream vacation? (Tuscany)
08. Favorite dessert? (Angel Food cake)
09. What do you want to be when you grow up? (Mommy)
10. What do you love most in life? (Love)
11. One word to describe you (Grinning)
12. Your Flickr name (Nothing)

Then you build a mosaic by typing your answers into Flickr's search function. You choose one photo for each of your answers, and you can only use images that appear on the first page of search results. Get the details here.
Here's what I ended up with:
I think its pretty. But you'd never guess which is which! Well... a few are obvious.
Anyways, I feel it is high time to start planning for Halloween.
I think it would be fun to have a proper dinner party for Halloween. With good food, not themed and gross looking. And a haunted cake. We'll see how it goes; it would be a lot of work but it would also be a lot of fun. Some of my friends also want to go trick-or-treating (like Susie cause she's never had the privilege!) which is cool, and we also want to carve pumpkins.
I know what I'm being for Halloween, I just haven't quite put it all together yet. And I still need to convince the boy to come.
And about him; he's so so so good to me in so many ways - just not in the ways that are obvious to other people. I joke about how his greatest compliments are something like 'nice tights! Did you have to crank them open with a steal rod to slip into them?' (that was last night and I'm pretty sure that's not how it went exactly but it resulted from the long Sunday in WAY too tight of tights [note to self: no more HUE tights] during that long wait with no food and then stuffing myself to full over-contentment and complaining, stripping them off as soon as entering the house) and all kinds of nice comments; there are too many to even start thinking of the best ones. But anyways, despite his rough exterior, or... abrupt nature...er.... blatant honesty etc., he has done amazing things for me. I should tell him that more. He makes me to think more, care more, share more, do more and be more. And I want to care, share, do and be even MORE because of him. It's probably not as easily explained as felt. Its just that I see this wondering lifetime available to me; the places we would go the things we'd see and family we'd make. It really puts a light in my eye.... or... makes me want to move forward. Maybe that is dangerous- I think it's very nice and very important to be content in the moment too.
It's exciting to move forward in life though and at this point it feels very necessary. I'm not even really enjoying school anymore and working with architects is...enlightening but not really what I had in mind as a designer. I don't want to have to work for firm and be all corporate and officey. I enjoy artsy fartsy. But then again, the Boy's a builder and if the company gets to a certain point I can just design home interiors which is ultimately what I'd enjoy best I think.
I'll let this do for now. Blog time is over.
How does one end a blog? I feel the need for a cute quotation or a little poem...

"One should always be in love. This is the reason one should never marry." (Oscar Wilde)

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