Thursday, October 23, 2008

20 things to do Before I turn 21:

1. Go to a farmer's market on a Saturday morning
2. Organize, sort through, throw out, etc. all my school projects, notes and junk!
3. Write letters to people I owe letters to!
4. Make a big batch of home made bread
5. Fix my blog so it's more welcoming and interesting - new header
6. Host a nice dinner party with nice food
7. Give 1 great, thoughtful gift to each person on my Christmas list (family and close friends)
8. Make my inspiration board an actual inspiration to me; collect the things that inspire me better
9. Make a mix CD of all the songs that remind the boy and I of each other. In a good way. :D
10. Get weight down to 130 (this means keeping up the early am workouts)
11. Make a painting to give as a gift ( # 7 maybe?)
12. Make a Photobook that includes pictures and old quotes/texts from the boy that I love (these are all written down in a notebook right now and I've been wanting to do this for him for ages) this also means: get a credit card! - Nov 18th makes it 3 months of working here so I can safely apply!
13. figure out a perrfect layout for my room (this may mean purging some things)
14. Watch the rest of Audrey Hepburn's films
15. Find or make a rubber stamp that I love - for stationary, 'business card' and anything else I want to brand! Something custom/original would be best so I might have to learn to make one.
16. Learn to knit!
17. Start collection of neat old dishes; I've got the 1st one
18. Tell the boy the story of my life. Start to finish. No details missed. Everything I can remember. And ask the same of him (that will take a while longer though!).
19. Buy bright flowers on a gloomy day
20. Learn to take better photos. Get my hands on my old 35mm maybe? Because my digital is seriously lacking functionality these days.

I have until January 17th! Thank goodness I'm not turning 60.


Updating this - orange means done! Well I got the easy ones covered...

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