Thursday, September 11, 2008

Learning about momming

I'm discovering my love for blog reading. I stumbled upon a blog today while searching for patterned fabric (don't ask me why) and read it for an hour or so. Yeah, that sounds lame because I don't know the lady but what she does was truly intriguing! Shes a mother of 3 girls who sews and does a lot of crafts and show-cases all these on her blog. She shows off cute little dresses she's made for the girls with matching notebooks/hair clips etc, hand-painted table cloths, removable mermaid tails for dolls (so cool!), skirts she makes for herself in 5 minutes, cute jackets and sweaters and stitching projects etc. etc. etc! She also has a book and bakes and sells art and... well I don't even know what all. But in all honesty, it sounded pretty much like the ultimate life. Yeah, she's also busy and gets tired of chasing kids around I'm sure but her whole life is about creating things and creating memories for her kids that will last forever. I also think it will be very valuable for her girls being able to go look at their mom's documentation of the cute little things she did for them every day! I guess, in my eyes, its just an expression or a way of living that is based around creativity. Its so important because it forces you to keep thinking every day and do new things... ex. for breakfast one day she made 'fairy-sized' pancakes for her girls which were smaller than the loony-sized ones she'd tried before. And put butter on them... how fun is that idea?! I mean, not even for a special occasion!? yeah, pretty awesome.
So I deem it important to record NOW that THAT is the kind of life I want to create when it gets to that point. Sometimes I think I'm ready for kids and all that right now, but in reality probably not. The time will come when it's right. But I hope I don't forget when I have them how much fun it would be to do all those little things for them regardless of how tired a mom can get...
If I'm lucky, the time will come soon enough!
Okay, I'll admit it. I've become obsessed with anything wedding-related. Its ridiculous the amount of thought, money, pressure, effort etc. put into the wedding industry, I know, but for good reason! I don't understand it, but it truly has become an addiction thats not going away. Started out with a couple of wedding magazines passed on by my (now married...woah...crazy thought!) ex-roommate. And now, since I have nothing better to do at 'work' sometimes, just searching for the right flowers and decorations and place and bridesmaids dresses etc. etc. The only thing I don't care so much about is my dress. I guess I care, I just don't know what I want. Anyways I found an amazing picture of orange Ranunculus that are gorgeous so now I am stuck on the colour orange.
I thought they'd look great with white, metal, old vases and also good with driftwood or rocks... so thats sort of the casual look/thought I had for the whole thing. But thats all I know and I don't know when/if/how it will be happening, which is why I find it so strange that I've developed this obsession!
I think I'll go now and keep blog-reading and searching and doing whatever I did for the first part of my day.

Oh, actually, I also need to decide on a topic for that Newspaper I mentioned yesterday. Heres the choices that are left:
a) Italian Renaissance (1450 - 1600)
b) French Renaissance (1450 - 1600)
c) English Renaissance (1500 - 1601)
d) Italian Baroque (1600 - 1700)
e) English Baroque (1600 - 1702)
f) English Queen Anne (1702 - 1714)
g) Georgian - English (1715 - 1760)
h) Paris, France (1863 - 1900)
and in one of those cultures / times I need to research:
a) local & national news
b) lifestyles (trends in the home, fashion, society, etc.)
c) The Arts
d) Entertainment
e) Sports and
f) Classifieds

The choices are up to my group members too (3 of us in a group) but I suggested one of the 'Renaissance' ones because from what I've read so far it seems that those times were very significant and had a lot of changes etc. so to write on them might be interesting!

Anyways I will be off now...

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