Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Modernism Week - shops and stuff!

There is such an amazing selection of vintage shops in Palm Springs. You can pick from thrift stores (every other block has one it seems) and vintage/designer shops. These photos start out from the day we walked the design district street and wandered in and out of shops... Some vintage, some not.

Charming Hilary and some outdoor furniture

The beautiful Kristie at Trina Turk's Residential store
Vintage shop window

Pretties inside said vintage shop

Another vintage furniture store. Stacks of classics - love the Danish mid century modern teak stuff

A booth in the modernism show called Urban Burp - could have stayed there for hours!

Vintage cowboy fabric...

Kristie looking through the stacks of amazing fabrics

Sarah and I took home a yard of this ship fabric. I'm in love with my 1/2 yard, not sure what it will become yet though!

Best L.B.D EVER! check out that lace! I know it's blurry, but the bottom hem shows it pretty good... just scrumptious

Old posters sporting the most beautiful colours...

More old Classic pieces

This place is amazing. I am going to find it really difficult not to go again next year, but this time do more of the home tours and seminars that our silly school was too lazy to sign up for until it was too late. I HIIIIIGHLY recommend it; both the Modernism Show that runs every February, and Palm Springs itself.
(plus, my aunt has a spectacular place there, good to sleep 6! Anyone else in?!)

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