Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ace Hotel Lunch

It's about time I shared some goodness from my little trip to Palm Springs! (it was already a month ago!)

I'll start with one of my favorite places we went, the Ace Hotel.
We went for lunch after a morning spent walking the street in the Palm Springs Design District, which was breathtakingly lovely, as you can imagine. But stepping into this hotel's restaurant actually made my heart beat a little faster...
and now I'm dying to go stay at The Ace Hotel in Portland!

The little foyer; loved the Navajo-esque rugs and yummy leather chairs... not to mention: Macrame!

Yes, lots and lots of Macrame! I love that Palm Springs doesn't for a second deny it's 1960s celebrity status!

The Lovely Hilary, with her favorite style of print :)

Simple lovely table linens = yum

Buttery leather soft seating, globe lights, natural stone ... all laid back but super sleek at the same time

I fell in love with that tile... it had a pearlescent glow to it and was just pretty in such a simple way.

See the Macrame elephant sculpture on the wall? Now there's a reason to learn macrame!

Big beautiful windows with - get this - SUN streaming in! Not so great for photos like this, but I would never complain!

Cute little menu. Can you see why I took a picture of this page? ;)
I can't explain enough how inspiring it was to be around good, timeless design. Everywhere you looked  there was something to look at and inspire. It just made me so happy.

Anyways, thats where a handful of us ate one day ... I'll try to share more this week as I'm doin' little to nothin' on Spring Break!

Here is a facebook album if you want to see lots of photos!

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