Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Friday!

I had a pretty so-so day, and by so-so, I mean nothing about it went good. But oddly enough, I'm in a great mood and kinda talkative and hyper and happy!  Don't ask me how it hapenned.

Anyways, I got a mark back today that started with a 5 and ended with a 5 and then a %. yep. Beaut. But I had a good sit-down with the one who wrote those 5s down, and we decided it was a good learning experience! ha! In reality, my design was pretty, but it was also pretty complicated and hard to build, and therefore, with the nature of the drawings, I made it hard on myself. Such is the nature of Interior Design school. But what happenned next was, my good friend Sarah kindly tore the worst comment out of my mark sheet, chewed it up and will *poo it out later. And therefore, it never happenned.
* just kidding, she said she was going to poo it out but really she spat the pink wad into the garbage can.... just in case you wanted more clarity and specifics ...

 That's us at the IDS West show, back in October. That's super motivating and insiring Caitrina on the right, who I also thank for this photo stolen from Fbook. And we are relaxing on the most beautiful Montauk sofa (I want) in between hauling free design loot around. Tiring. note: good lighting for making sofa look pretty, bad lighting for making people look pretty!

Oh Sarah, how I love you. I cried of laughter slash real crying, because then a few other classmates got all sympathetic and made me realise how much I needed sympathy for such a crap mark which made me feel worse... but at least Sarah took the worste part away. I shall love her forever.

Paula, sitting in Sarah's beautiful and comfy denim palette chair. Sarah's awesome at stuff, and since I love her, I dedicate this post to all kinds of awesomeness she has up her sleaves.

So, the weekend is here, and one week from right now I will be sitting in the sunshine of Palm Springs... Oh boy, do I ever need a lil' vitamin D. (I mean, I bought the capsules, but it's just not the same!)

Thanks for listening, have a good weekend internet!

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