Friday, January 7, 2011

How my Term is Looking...

Blah, blah, blah (school's back in) start your engines!

This week was a good start to the last 20 weeks of school (ever)!
I have my Mondays off now, so the week started on Tuesday with Vector Works. Its a computer program that is used for 3D drawings (among other things, but that what we're using it for). This is the 3rd - THIRD - different piece of software for 3D renderings I'll be learning. Gotta hone those skills. Gotta hit all the bases. Gotta have a listy resume. . . !
Our instructor (also the president of AIBC - Architectural Institute of British Columbia) went through all the different commands and buttons on the program which was quite confusing, because some parts of it are like AutoCAD and some are completely opposite. Anyways, as we start to use it I'm sure it will be easier. It's supposed to be a lot more user-friendly than AutoCAD but that wouldn't be too hard now, would it?!

After lunch we started Interior Construction & Renovation class. In it, we look at how homes are built in wood framing. We took a bunch of notes about wood grades, spans and lengths and different framing styles, etc. By the end we will have completed a model that is a 3/8" = 1'0" scale model of a framed house with a foundation. She showed us examples of some and they were so cute!

Wednesday all day we have Design Projects. It was exciting to think of having a brand new project to design from conception to final drawings... at least that is what I was expecting. Instead we were given the assignment of revising our floorplan that we did on our IDEC competition (the eating disorder centre) and then adding more design elements, creating working drawings, ceiling plans, material and finish boards, millwork drawings, 3D models (which we now have the opportunity to do by hand, not computer) .... the whole works. So, it is pretty neat because we get to get detailed with what we've already done, and make it more 'finished'.

Thursday was Building Code. We will be taking lots of notes and memorizing a lot.  This isn't something always included in design school; at least not this in-depth, but just another thing that makes us more valuable to prospective employers. Done at 11:30 Thursdays so the afternoon is for going to the gym!

Friday (today) the morning we have Lighting2; a continuation of the last lighting class. Our first assignment is to build a light fixture. It needs to be 80% recycled materials. Yay! I'm excited for this. And the second assignment, in partners, is a research paper. The topic we got is lighting for seniors; what is required and why. I kind of love this topic actually, because its all psychological and interesting. Older people need brighter lights because their eyes yellow. Some older people are even depressed because of the lack of light getting into their eyes. So if you feel like nursing homes are cold and bright, that is why it's done.
This afternoon we had Millwork and Furniture Design. It's an exciting one (even though it lasts 20 weeks and goes until 5:30 every Friday afternoon). We are doing millwork drawings for a dental office reception desk first. Then the millwork for our Design Projects (so the eating disorder centre's kitchen, library and reception desks). Then we get to go have classes in the joinery shop and build something! So excited! Once again, just  another thing added at BCIT, nobody else gives Interior Design students this kind of hands-on joinery experience.

And that's it! For 10 weeks! And also, I get to go for a field trip to Palm Springs in there - February 18 - 22 to attend Modernism Week. We will see some amazing modern architecture and design from the 50s and 60s. I signed up for a tour of one of William Krisel's butterfly houses, like this:

I love it when design lasts like that! It's unreal. Seeing a home like that today would look modern. Imagine seeing it in 1960.

Twin Palms Back Yard

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