Monday, November 22, 2010

Healthcare Facilities Research!

Today marks the start of a new project.
An international student competition sort of project. And this year's differs from others because it has pretty well no parametres other than being a healthcare facility. we have this week to research and find out what our community needs, where a good location would be, and how we plan to implement our solution. They are giving us such a broad topic to make us think about helping others and the need for doing pro-bono work at times and what that might entail. So I definitely have a lot of research to do (yay for living with a nurse!) to find out what our healthcare system is lacking at the moment and how we can offer something different in the form of a facility.
We will be judged on :
- Quality of Research & Sources
- Support of goals and design concepts in the executed design
- expression of the clients needs expressed in project
- space planning: functionality/flexibility/accessibility
- aesthetics: imagination/creativity
- life safety, health and welafre issues successfully addressed
- sustainable decision making
- presentation & craftsmanship
All sections are worth 10% (with a grand total of 80% - ok so math isn't our strong suite?!)

And you thought interior design was all vases and cushions :)

now to finish up all the assignments we kindly got extensions on ... : P

If you can, please pass along any info you may have or contacts that I could talk to about what other healthcare services/facilities we need in the lower mainland!


Anonymous said...

What I know about hospitals: When I was in Toronto I used to work in a demolition company and we demolished a 9 story hospital within a few months period. I think it was built in the 1930’s. I remember that it was a dusty and noisy job and we had to do it while the adjacent hospital building was still active and full of patients, so we had to be quite and careful about it. I don’t know if it applies to your project but maybe consider future expansion or decommissioning in your planning so that maintenance in one part doesn’t stop the activity of the entire hospital….Shahram

Terrylynne said...

What I know about hospitals: I always get lost in them!! I say KISS - Keep it simple sweetheart!!
You have your work cut out for you - wow, what a project. No doubt in my mind you are up for it - good luck and have fun!!
(see you in 30 days!!!! - YAY)
Love you,

Quinn And Zoe said...

does it have to be a hospital? I can imagine non-profits asking for probono work... maybe talk to some of them? mental health ='s always lacking (but I'm a little biased too!)

Ayla said...

Yes, thanks for your help guys! A whole hospital would be a bit much to plan in 2 weeks! haha ya, so mental health is a good area to consider. It needs to help our current hospitals out by getting them a little more freed up to deal with emergencys. And yes, simple simple simple!

Terrylynne said...

BTW - I like your new banner!!