Wednesday, October 27, 2010


 I am going to a talk by Demetrios Eames. He is the grandson of none other than Charles and Ray Eames. So yes, a tad bit excited I am.

And for those of you who haven't heard of the husband and wife design duo, maybe these mid-century modern iconic beauties will spark your memory...

Uh, yes.

I predict we will get to hear a bit about the Eame's design process and philosphy, indoor spaces, design and .... design!

I will take notes.

Oh and, yes I have been really busy and not blogging. I assure you, the busy-ness has been far less glamorous than what I have on tomorrow. Tomorrow will look like the following:
6am - wake up
6:45 - get to the gym at school, work out...
7:45 - shower and get ready
8:15 - have a pancake breakfast in the construction shop for United Way (mmmmm...)
8:30 - 3D rendering class
12:00 - head to BCIT's downtown campus for Eames seminar (did I mention it is just my class he is speaking to?!)
3:30 - head to HOK's Vancouver Office on Homer St. for another interesting talk
4:30 - go home and finish a biiiiig AutoCAD assignment for Friday morning!

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