Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am having my turkey tomorrow - today is for homework! It really doesn't feel like thanksgiving yet, but it is finally feeling like Fall, and I am really enjoying it. I was treated to a trip to Chase, where we watched the Salmon run at Adams River with the boy's family. It was a much-needed break and so good to spend time with my (other) family! we stayed at a resort that was gorgeous, the weather was perfect and fall-ish, and everyone had so much fun. The Salmon were interesting... I will show you some pictures, don't mind the dead fish .... haha! Here's what its all about, for those who don't know (like me before I went!):

"After fighting strong currents and rapids, the salmon are bruised and battered and their skin has changed to a deep red colour and their heads turn green. The salmon return to the same place where they began their life to spawn. The females lay around 40,000 eggs, the males develop humped backs and hooked snouts. They both guard the nest until their death and the cycle begins again. "

The resort where we stayed one luxurious night
(4 pillows for 1 person, white bedding and down duvet = my kind of sleeping arrangement!)

The traffic director at the entrance to the park - I thought it was cute!

All of the water just looked like this...

Some fish eggs nestled in the rocks

Fish accross the bank.

This guy was huge!

Uncles and nephews a-plenty!

Grandsons can never get enough of Grandpa!

He'd point and say "He's done" ... haha funny how easily kids get it sometimes

Me and the boy's feet...
This cutie again - cuter and cuter these days!

So I am super glad I got a little break this weekend! I got my projects done for Thursday, I've posted my telephone bench here for you to see, and lots of other stuff stressed me out, I was getting sick, but now I'm feeling better already since I've had a couple days of rest! Perfect! K, back to the homework now!


Lane Anderson said...

Looks like a couple fish got past our net. That huge one is a Spring Salmon, they're lots of fun to pull out of the water!

Terrylynne said...

Glad you had a nice break and still learned something new! Thanks for sharing - hope your turkey was as delicious as mine was (both of them!) Talk to you soon.

Mike Farrell said...

Holy random, I haven't talked to you in years but I saw you for a split second at the IDS. Did you see Karim's talk?

Ayla said...

I did see Karim's talk! How did you find me here?! Totally crazy!