Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tour de Bedroom

I've finally got my bedroom to an organized enough state that it can now be proclaimed: Good Enough

Moved in June 1st, so it has been 2 months! Anyways, this is the green room now (plus a little 60s effect; couldn't resist!):

My $20 craigslist find of a dresser, which really needs a coat of paint. And some better knobs. I forgot it had knobs AND pulls when I bought the green flower knobs, so it looks a bit weird. Oh well, good enough!
And the cute summer quilt, made by my momma!
No, I do not have a bedskirt but I am accepting donations. Grin.

The closet corner of my room. And an old sled. And some art of me, raindrops and a black and white postcard.

Then you can see my drawers on top of my "Razzberry" table.It works, since I didn't have enough drawer space in the dresser. Stack of magazines are a perfect alternative to hanging the mirror! haha ... or the lazy man's way...

The shelf of doooom! But everything has a place and its all very find-able! From Halloween decorations to textbooks to greeting cards, flooring samples, my passport and highschool diploma - its ALL there!

The stack of books I'm reading:
Cradle to Cradle McDonough/Braungart:
You MUST read this book if you are even remotely interested in our efforts to 'greenify' the way we live. This gives a fresh perspective, written by an Architect and a Chemist who have been researching and studying this field for the past 20 or 30 years. Its very interesting, and I have to read it for school this Fall, and it was recommended to read it and take notes over the summer. It talks about remaking the way we make things. And how being 'less bad' is 'no good'. Excellent stuff, seriously, you will be surprised. (can't wait for the class we're reading this for!)

"Things that have come to pass" Me:
This is actually just a diary that my best friend Nicki gave me when I turned 8. There are things written in it from that age until now. I plan to keep it up until I die! Its my only "real" diary.

Oh Ye Jigs & Juleps! Virginia Cary Hudson:
I came accross this book at a thrift store, and had to have it: It was written by a 10 year old girl in the early 1900s and is just like her daily essays of her view on life. Super cute and fun to read but I haven't read it all yet!

Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life Karen Rauch Carter:
Pretty much the best book I've encountered about Feng Shui. If you're curious about the ancient Chinese practice, read this book, she makes it very easy to understand for us westerners! I love learning about Feng Shui, and I can tell you it hasn't been practiced for hundreds of years because it doesn't work!

Simple Abudance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy Sarah Ban Breathnach:
I was in the habit of reading this everyday but haven't been so good at it lately. I always looked forward to reading the page or two dedicated to each day. It makes you notice and love the simple things a bit more I guess, and makes me want to cook, clean, garden, decorate and do everything with simplicity and, well, abundance! Truly a worthwhile book, every woman should read it for a year, or even continually would probably be cool.

Sorry, were you expecting fiction?! I can't remember the last one I read. Used to love them, but really, I just don't even bother trying anymore... Meh, I enjoy me some learning material anyways.

happy day!


Amanda said...

Love your quilt!!! And those drawers are gorgeous too. Can I ask, do you find your venetian blinds block out most of the light (I'm thinking of getting some for my little girl's room). Hope all is well over your way x

Terrylynne said...

Hey, 2 months isn't bad - I have a picture that shows how much stuff went into that room - I think you did an amazing job!! I do like that your space by your bed is very uncluttered and looks so relaxing and comfortable - I will have to do some snooping for a bed skirt tho! And my favorite part - you have a picture of Moxie!! LOL
Now the hard part - keeping it looking like that!!

Ayla said...

Amanda - Thanks! I think the venetian blinds are okay if you have something else over them like some light curtains or something. Otherwise, no, they don't really block out all of the light! You'd be better off with just some block out curtains or roman blinds. They have that layer of block-out fabric. Nothing else really works as well I don't think.

Terrylynne said...

Hey Ayler - you need to check out Mary Engelbreit's blog showing her new giftware coming in the spring - it looks so vintage-y - it is adorable!!
Sorry - just had to write again - I love your green room!
Mumma Bear