Friday, July 9, 2010

Squirrel it is not

Did I mention that this cute little fella resides in my backyard?

One day when I came home from work at 10:30pm she was standing in front of my step... and I scared her a little when I finally saw her (I think I was texting at the time and nearly walked right into her!) then I ran up my steps and she got up all backed against the fence.... then ducked into a hole and took off. But boy was that a close one! Now I am so paranoid about being outside (so much for enjoying that hammock!) or leaving the door open or anything! I took this picture last week, the first morning I saw her, but at least then it was from accross the whole yard. The thing is, she's like a baby so there must be more somewhere, no?

I just know I am that clumsy bimbo who'd get sprayed by a skunk, so what do I do?!

  • by the way, I have begun my love afair with It has photo editing stuff for free, which is, in my opinion all one needs. It even has those photoshop effects like posterize,  film grain, cross process, etc., that seem to work quite dandy! So far I've created my new header and my rosie picture, and its really quick and fun!
  • However, all of my Polaroid-style photos I make using "Poladroid" which I think everyone should download, it's so fun, you get a little polaroid camera that sits on your desktop and spits out a polaroid whenever you drag a photo into it. You even get to shake it and watch it develop. :)
  • my house is hot
  • and did i mention i have a skunk living in my backyard?
  • oh and i'm finally getting a decent wireless plan and a blackberry. woot!


Susie Q said...

blackberry IM! you and me baby! I'm so excited for you!

Ayla said...

I'm excited tooooo!!! I don't know how to do it yet, but I don't have my blackberry yet either so I will let you know when I need the 'code' or whatever. :D

Lockhart said...

yeah for blackberry.. this wasn't the squirrel I seen in your yard when I was there.. good luck with her makes you feel any better I got raccoons in my yard!