Thursday, July 8, 2010

Guessing game...

the boy had a surprise activity planned for the day....
we got in his truck with our bathing suits, shorts, lunch packed in a cooler, and a blanket.
we drove until we got to his mom and dad's house (i thought, oh great, we're going to clean his tool trailer which is parked in their yard) where he went into the shop to reveal ..... (excitement mounting yet?!) a big long green metal rod with a little horizontal bar accross the top and bits at the end that stuck up. Stuck this mossy coloured creation into his hitch and got back into the truck. As we drove to the front of the yard I was instructed to go in the house and get a jug, ice, drinks, etc. and find some old beach towels because we forgot that. Out front, boy backed up to the trailer, which clearly wasn't going to mount onto the hitch with that green rod. . . I still couldn't figure it out.
Can you?
Well, then the lean-to door was openned to reveal what made it all make sense. It looked like a banana. We hoisted it up on top of the truck, strapped it down and drove off proudly. After a stop at Tim Hortons we whipped accross the Golden Eares bridge and followed the Golden Eares mountain peaks until we landed at Alouette.
Had an awesome day! Do you know what we did?

Here's another clue to give it all away: it is featured on the Canadian 100 dollar bill.

Sorry no photos, that will be the next post!


Leif and Laura said...

My guess is canoeing? But I can't figure out what the long green rod is. Your description doesn't sound like a paddle!

Terrylynne said...

I Know, I know - do I get to "guess"?? LOL I didn't know he had such a "romantic streak" to him - enjoy it while it lasts!!
I want to hear more - and see pictures!